Is Christian counseling different than traditional counseling?

Both Christian counselors and traditional counselors share the same goal – to help people overcome their problems, find meaning and joy in life, and become well-adjusted and healthy.

All counselors must practice under a governing authority. If the counselor is state licensed, they practice under the state’s authority and are held to strict ethical standards that mandate an individual’s right to be free from religious influence. They are forbidden to pray or read or refer to the Bible. The only time a state licensed counselor may do this is when the client initiates the discussion.

Christian counseling is distinct in that it specifically incorporates the spiritual dimension. By using the truths found in the wisdom of Scripture, the counseling can provide specific direction and accountability.

Christian counselors must also place themselves under a governing authority. They are able to practice under the authority of a legally organized local church.

I am practicing under the authority of Grace Bible Church of Bellevue, Nebraska.

My goals:
• Encourage the counselee to experience the Grace of God
• Apply Biblical principles to the life experience
• Help the counselee gain victory over life struggles that deprive them of hope and peace
• Glorify God